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Download Magic Town the Neighborhood

Crossposted from the GoS July Simlish & MaxisMatch theme.

I'm incredibly excited to share this with all of you. I've worked for little over a year on my Magic Town project and now it's done! I basically rebuilt the Sims 1 Magic Town from the Makin' Magic using zero custom content. This download is completely CC free, but requires all EPs and SPs.

I have three options for you.

1.Magic Town as a primary neighbourhood. Just unzip this in your Documents->EA Games->The Sims 2-> Neighborhoods folder. Do you already have a neighborhood called N004, you can use the HoodReplace tool to make a new neighbourhood and transfer this one over to that one. You have to manually add the lots if you use HoodReplace.

Download Primary Hood

2. Magic Town as a Downtown subhood. (yay!) Unzip it. You have to put all of this in your install directory (most likely C). C:/-> Program Files (or Program Files x86) -> EA GAMES -> The Sims 2 Mansion and Garden -> TSData -> Res -> NeighborhoodTemplate. If you don't have a folder called NeighborhoodTemplate, just make one.

Now you can find Magic Town as a custom Downtown hood and you will find it in the list when you add a Downtown to your primary hood. Note that you need this mod by Mootilda. It's a fix for subhood selection, so you can actually add custom Downtowns and University hoods to your primary hoods.

Download Subhood

3. You just want the template.

(This version does exclude deco.)[

Unzip it and put the contents in your Documents->EA Games->The Sims 2->SC4terrains.

Download Template

If you want a detailed look at the lots that are in the first two downloads, or you're going to fill out the template and want a few, you can check out the link list underneath. You can also find them at my Dreamwidth.

90 Creepy Hollow: EverAfter Oaks
91 Creepy Hollow: Alfred's B&B
92 Creepy Hollow: Old Man's Lum
93 Calamity Forest: A Spooktacular Spot
94 Calamity Forest: Vernon's Vault
95 Calamity Forest: Coldwind Meadows
96 Calamity Forest: Clowntastic Land
97 Calamity Forest: Serra Glen
98 Calamity Forest: Forest Edge Camp

Once again, everything's completely CC free, all EPs and SPs are required. If there are any questions, shoot!

Many many great thanks to Mootilda for a fantastic tutorial about how to make custom subhoods.
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